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Here is a reason or 10 why you should end up in Vegas!


Thanks Nicole I needed that one today!

If you want to let Nicole know how cool this is, feel free to stop and tell her yourself if you are in Las Vegas at BlogWorld& New Media Expo.  Nicole is a speaker that will be moderating a panel about Twitter!  She is a true Rock Star that we are glad to have be a part of the fun this year.  I get the first dance Nicole!


  • Ward Tongen

    Seven ideas and suggestions for listening:

    1) Exercise active listening skills.
    2) Become aware of your personal filters and triggers.
    3) Observe your own and other people’s listening habits.
    4) Listen without formulating a response to the speaker.
    5) Listen with empathy.
    6) Become aware of the speaker’s non-verbal communication.
    7)Create an environment for the listening to occur.

    If all else fails just remember these words by Epictetus, an ancient Greek philosopher and you are guaranteed to improve your listening skills: “Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we could hear twice as much as we speak.”

    – from http://www.creatingstrategies.com/articles/communication_tips/the_art_of_listening

  • Nik_Nik

    Thanks for sharing these great listening tips Ward! When I taught elementary school, I would remind my students to be “active listeners” every day. It amazes me how that skill is forgotten (or kicked to the curb) as we age and turns to more self promotion than anything. Listening is truly a skill that many of us have to work at, including me! Thanks for the reminder!

  • Bloggeries

    It’s simply a great time and way to meet countless like-minded people. Good times, went last year and going this year.

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