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Cirque du Soleil Tickets At BlogWorld


We are very grateful to Cirque du Soleil and their Social Media Manager Jessica Berlin @jessberlin for once again providing free tickets to several of the hottest Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas for BlogWorld attendees.

This year, Cirque du Soleil is offering a limited number of tickets to Mystère, Zumanity, KÀ, The Beatles LOVE and CRISS ANGEL Believe.  If you are interested in seeing and reviewing a Cirque show while in town please email jessica.berlin@cirquedusoleil.com with information about your blog.  Not sure which show to see?  Try the Cirque quiz to see what show is best for your personality www.getcirqued.com/quiz.  For Cirque updates, follow them on Twitter @cirquelasvegas or visit www.cirquedusoleil.com/lasvegas.  Ticket requests should be received by October 9.

Be sure to leave a comment at let us know which Cirque du Soleil show you would like to see most.

Let me also say this is a very generous thing for Cirque du Soleil to do so please do not abuse it. All they are asking you for in return is an honest review on your blog, podcast or via Twitter so please don’t go to the show and then not post a review.

Blog on!


  • Joe Tech

    I’d love to take my wife to see KÀ and have the opportunity to share such an experience with my readers. It truly is a generous offer from Cirque. Email has been sent!

  • Kim Rowley

    What a great offer! I emailed Jessica that I’d love to see any of them!

  • Brett Bumeter

    We’ve been trying to get in to cover Love for the last few convention trips to Vegas, but the convention schedules on the weekends were always too tight in the past, and for the conventions that carried into or through the middle of the week, our free day always seemed to fall out on the day when the production was off for the night.

    Got to make it happen this time. 🙂

  • Michelle Nakaji

    What a great opportunity! Thanks, Cirque Du Soleil! I would love to see Beatles LOVE!

  • Dave Hamilton

    What a great thing to put together. I’ve seen Mystére and LOVE in the past and this year was looking into seeing Believe. I, too, have emailed Jessica to see if there’s a fit! Either way, I think I’ll be seeing the Believe show! 😉

  • Lisa Morosky

    Awesome opportunity. Email sent. Would love to see the Beatles LOVE. I plan to do a lot of live-tweeting and blogging during this time, so this would be another great thing to write about.

  • Irene Koehler

    I’ve never been fortunate enough to see any Cirque show. Would love the opportunity. Sending email now.

  • Buck "Daddy" Rogers

    I would love take part, sending email right now, this is so cool

  • Liz

    It would be an honor to see ANY of the shows. I’ve seen Mystere, Zumantity, Ka, and O — but I would see any of them again! I have never seen Love. Going to email Jessica now!

  • Liz

    Whoops, I have the wrong web site address above

  • Jim Kukral

    The show selector thing says I should see Mystére. Would love to check it out. Very nice of Cirque to do this.

  • Natalie

    Oh I have tried to see Love many times and its always been sold out (we’re too last minute) — I would definitely review on my blog and tweet. I’ll be reviewing the whole trip and conference so it would fit in nicely.

  • Chris Nelson

    I would absolutely love to get a single ticket for LOVE, and to tweet about it on @campaignshoutin. I’ve never seen a Cirque show, so it would be a treat on many levels. And in my previous life, I was a music journalist, so it would be a double treat to see Cirque’s unique — and I hear — amazing take on the Fab Four! Thanks so much for such a generous offer, Cirque!

  • Victor Cajiao

    What a fantastic idea and very smart social media manager. I’ve seen one of the Cirque shows, Mystère and was mesmerized by the music, acrobatics and spirit of the show. Would love to be able to photoblog it as well.

  • Lesley

    Wow – I love Cirque du Soleil and have shelled out big $$ to see them many times (worth every $$). Still haven’t seen O, or Love; and Zumanity wouldn’t be my thing.

    I think La Nouba in Orlando is still the best. Although the first show we saw, in Ottawa in 1985 was the most memorable. I bought a ticket for my Dad , who came reluctantly ” I hate the circus!”. He was blown away – this ain’t no B n Bailey circus !

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Jennifer

    LOVE to see LOVE…I love the Beatles! Would love to see what beautiful moves did with their music.

  • Jaybetee

    I would love to see anything by Cirque de Soleil, but LOVE or KA would probably be my first choices. Thanks for such an awesome opportunity!

  • Melanie Nelson


    Thanks to you, Jessica, and everyone who helped put this offer together. It’s a great opportunity. I’ll send Jessica to see if we can work out tickets to LOVE. That’s the only one I haven’t seen yet. Thanks!

  • Lara Kulpa

    Wow! Just sent an email in – hoping to see either Ka or the Beatles LOVE show. I saw “O” last year while there for BWE and it was AMAZING. I’m completely hooked on Cirque. Of course, Criss Angel’s show would be insane too, I’m sure.

  • Jami

    I’ve got my chips on seeing The Beatles LOVe!

  • Bonnie Schroader

    Rick and Jessica – thanks for making this opportunity possible! I’d love to participate and am totally looking forward to a great time at BlogWorld. Send an email and would love to review. Thanks!

  • Heather in BC

    This is a wonderful offer from Jessica and Cirque du Soleil.

    I saw the Beatles in Vancouver August 22 1964 – 45 years ago – LOL – and would absolutely love to see The Beatles LOVE Cirque show.

    Of course I will Twitter and write a blog post 🙂

    Thanks Rick.

  • BigSis

    What an awesome opportunity! LilSis and I haven’t seen any of the Cirque shows on previous LV trips, and are thrilled at the chance to see one, and be able to post and tweet on it! We emailed Jessica that we’d love to see Zumanity.

  • Tim Jones

    Mystique, FTW!

  • Tim Jones

    Oops, Mystere….

  • Angie A. Swartz

    Amazing Opportunity! The guys at Blog World must work on this conference all year long because the great stuff just keeps coming. I emailed Jessica a few weeks ago and can’t wait to hear back from her. It would be such an honor to review any of their shows and maybe get a back stage tour! I’d love to have to opportunity to blog and tweet about them all year long and to interview them on TwitterTalk Radio! WOOT! I remember hearing about all the free tickets last year as a newbie but CIRQUE! OMG! Thanks guys!

  • Katie

    Any of the shows sound amazing! However, the Beatles LOVE would probably blow my mind. Can’t wait to hear back! *Fingers crossed*

  • Missy Ward

    Apparently I’m a Mystere-kind-a-gal according to my test results. Emailing now — I’d love to go!

  • MommaDJane

    I’ve seen Zumanity and O in Vegas. Zumanity was a lot of fun! Of course I always enjoy these shows!

  • Candace Robinson

    I would love to catch the LOVE Beetle show!! Wow – that would complete my weekend!

  • David

    pass on the stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    KUHL I sent my request in tonight …bit late … yet would be fun to see some of these shows again …being local ..

    Loved KA did think the “table” should have taken a bow at the end . lol

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