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Win a Free Pass to BlogWorld with Hotel Included – Courtesty of Alltop



Wishing you could come to BlogWorld but can’t quite scrape together the cash to get there? Perhaps there’s another way: Guy Kawasaki and Alltop are giving away three passes to the BlogWorld and New Media Expo, plus they’ll even throw in the hotel stay for one lucky grand prize winner.


Read on:


  • First prize: Two nights hotel, three-day “Full Access” pass to Blogworld Expo ($1400 total value)
  • Second prize: Three-day “Full Access”pass to Blogworld Expo ($1195 total value)
  • Third prize: 2-day “Weekend”pass to Blogworld Expo ($495 total value)

By now you’re asking, “This contest you speak of, how can I win?” Of course there’s a catch. Simply create a My Alltop page and have it retweeted. Each MyAlltop page has a “retweet” button at the bottom. The more you get your page retweeted, the more likely it is that you’ll win. Here’s Guy’s MyAlltop page, click on it and you’ll see what a MyAlltop page is all about.

How to Get Started

1. Create a MyAlltop page. Click here to get started. It will take only a few minutes. Then spread the word by clicking on the Retweet button on your page.

2. Enter your information. Click here to enter the contest.

3.Spread the word. Then start tweeting, retweeting, and getting your friends and relatives to help too.

Official Rules and Regulations

Description: This is a contest to determine who can get the most people to tweet a link to their MyAlltop page as measured by the Tweetmeme button.

Legal Stuff

  • Prizes are non-transferable, and there are no cash alternatives or substitutions. Blogworld Expo and Alltop reserve the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value at any time.
  • The winners are solely responsible for all other arrangements, costs and expenses associated with receiving the prize including taxes or other fees imposed by a government authority.
  • Eligibility: The contest is open to all MyAlltop website users who are at least thirteen year old and legal residents of the United States or Canada. Blogworld Expo and Alltop employees and their relatives, anyone professionally connected with the prizes offered in this competition, and celebrities featured by Alltop at http://my.alltop.com/ cannot enter. Blogworld Expo and Alltop reserve the right to verify the eligibility of all entrants. Entrants can submit as many MyAlltop pages as they wish.
  • Announcement:. The contest ends at 8:00 am Pacific Time on October 1, 2009. Blogworld Expo and Alltop will determine the winners on October 2, 2009. Blogworld Expo and Alltop will contact them on October 2, 2009 via email. In the event of a tie, Blogworld Expo and Alltop will select the winners based on who has the larger number of followers; in any case, only three prizes will be awarded.
  • Retweet Count: We rely upon the Twitter API for accuracy of re-tweets, so you know as well as we do that we cannot be certain of the retweet count. We will not retrospectively adjust counts due to failures as a result of missing data. Legal Considerations: There are no fees or expenses to enter the contest.This is not a lottery or a game of chance. The odds of winning depend on the number of acceptable entries received and the amount of retweets that you generate. Blogworld Expo and Alltop reserve the right to disqualify your entry if we believe that you have breached any of these rules.
  • Disqualification; The use of robots and automated tools to affect voting will result in disqualification. Failure to claim a prize by October 15, 2009 will mean that Blogworld Expo and Alltop will select other winners. Your Information: By taking part in the competition, you warrant that all information submitted is true, current and complete at the time of submission.
  • Privacy: Blogword Expo and Alltop will not sell, rent, loan, or share contestant’s address or email address with third parties. Blogworld Expo and Alltop, however, will announce the names and Twitter accounts of the winners. Changes and disputes: Blogworld Expo and Alltop reserve the right to alter, amend or close the competition as necessary. In the case of any disputes regarding these rules, or the rules or instructions, the decision of Blogworld Expo and Alltop will be final and binding.

So…why are you still here? Head to Alltop, create your page and start tweeting.

See you at Blogworld!


  • Justin Wright

    I’d love to win, but I can’t even figure out how to get my Alltop page to work. I just get a blank page…

    How about a pass for tryin? lol

  • Natalie

    Are you tracking the retweets from the page or the bit.ly? I’m thinking my efforts to get people to retweet the bit.ly may be in vain.

    See, I have so much to learn, that’s why I must go to blogworld.

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