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Come one, come all to the Army Milblog Lounge! I am pleased to announce that the U.S. Army has stepped forward and as a result, we have a 20×20 area in the exhibit hall, half of which will be configured as a comfortable area for discussions on milblogging and topics of interest to the milbloggers, from technology to music to more. In the days ahead, we hope to be telling you of events that will be taking place in the lounge portion, and the other portion is going to be more than merely interesting. But more on that later. If you need an area to record an interview or such, drop us a line and we may be able to make this area available to you for that. Otherwise, feel free to drop by and meet some of the milblooggers present. Remember, we are not all raving neanderthals of uncertain disposition (that’s just Uncle Jimbo *G*). You will find a variety of interests and a variety of interesting individuals. So, come join us at the Army Milblog Lounge in the Exhibit Hall


  • The Kitchen Dispatch

    20×20? Really? You think “raving neanderthals of uncertain disposition” aren’t going to try to acquisition the next lounge as well ….though certainly, using charm over force.
    See you there!

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