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Blogger Sponsorship for Conferences Part III: Your Proposal



If you’ve been following our series on how to land a sponsorship in order to attend conferences, you already know about figuring out what to offer in return for a sponsorshipand also, choosing a sponsor. I’m going to assume you have your lists at the ready and it’s time for you to write a proposal to send to your potenial sponsor.

Proposals take a bit of finesse. Potenial sponsors want to know the person they’re hiring to represent their brands are smart, coherent and can deliver as promised.  Write your proposal with as much care as if you were writing a college application essay or applying for your dream job.

Your proposal should include:

  • An introduction, including a brief bio
  • Information and stats regarding your blog
  • Information and stats regarding the conference(s) for which you’re seeking sponsorship
  • What you propose in return for sponsorship

Here are a few helpful links to get you started:

Now all you have left to do is write up your proposal and send it to your list of potential sponsors. Keep in mind that you won’t hear from everyone. I sent out 30 proposals and heard from two people in return. One who was interested in a sponsorship and one who said he would get back to me and never did. However, the one who responded in a positive manner is now a major advertiser on my blog and would like to sponsor me for a couple of upcoming conferences in the late fall – including one of his own events. My campaign was a success. I’ll continue to follow up on my campaign(s) and others as we approach 2010 and I hope you’ll do the same.

If this series helped you, if you landed a sponsorship or if you’d like more information, please post in the comments.

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