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On Track with Travel Blogging at BWE09


Travel Blogging by Shannon Hurst Lane Are you a travel blogger? Do you want to be one? Does your marketing company work in the travel industry? Then you NEED to be at Blog World & New Media Expo this year.

I’m so excited that travel is a dedicated track, which means we’ll have an entire day of panels and sessions dedicated to the travel industry. If you are a travel writer or marketing and want to learn more about blogging and new media, then you really should make plans to attend this fantastic event. It isn’t just the travel aspect that will benefit your business, but the expo floor and the various panels about general marketing, case studies, ethics of blogging, and so much more.

I’ll be honest with you, as travel bloggers and writers; we live in our own little world and sometimes forget about the tools available to us. As travel industry experts, we take research trips and return home to our solitary worlds, writing away and trying to sell our stories to various outlets with different angles, so that we can get a better ROI. A few of us have dabbled in the blogging world and there has even become somewhat of a war between “real” writers and bloggers. This is true in all industries of the written word (ye old journalist vs. blogger debate).

The travel track at BWE is a dream of mine I’ve had for years, melding all sides of the travel industry so that we can grow our businesses as a community and help consumers at the same time. Old school writers can share their wisdom with a new breed of publishers and the tech savvy peeps can help the old schoolers stay in the game. Travel industry marketers and agencies can figure out how to reach bloggers and their audiences, and also how to determine which outlets will be a good fit for their company or client. Lets think of BWE as a public service, which will boost the economy, help us reach target audiences through our words, get them to forget about that taboo word “Staycation” and get consumers to start using that awesome word “Vacation” again. This will lead them spend money on hotels and restaurants, which brings in tax money to help towns and cities stay in business.

Let’s all take a breath now, then click that little registration tab, and enter the code TTVIP20 for a special travel industry discount. Check out the schedule and start thinking about the panels you want to attend. Don’t worry, I won’t be talking your ears off at the event. I’m just putting together the travel track and blogging my way to Las Vegas for the most amazing event called Blog World and New Media Expo.

Keep checking back here as myself and other track leaders will be introducing you to some of our panels and speakers that are on the lineup. You can follow me on Twitter, and feel free to share the discount code TTVIP20 for #BWE09.

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