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food and drink, sports, weather, politics, travel, and the intricacies of counter-insurgency operations? Your friendly local milblog does, that’s who. Millbogs cover a variety of topics and issues, from reports from the front lines by those there doing the fighting to the challenges facing the spouses who hold down the homefront. In between, you find everything from posts, tweets, and comments on cooking to movies, automobiles to music, and travel to technology. You may be surprised by the range of topics expertly covered by the milblog community.

My name is Blake Powers, and I blog as Laughing Wolf and am Civilian-in-Residence at Blackfive milblog. I also am putting together the milblog track for this year’s Blog World and New Media Expo. The milblog community has a milblog conference to talk amongst ourselves. What we want to do here is introduce ourselves to you, invite you to join in our discussions, and — most importantly — help us to start planning next year’s panels.

We are not a closed track: anyone who wants to come and listen, engage in rational discourse, and just have a good time is welcome. If you have a suggestion for a panel for next year, something you would like to see discussed, drop a line and let me know.

Meantime, we have a full day lined up and — we hope — some surprises on the way. Our panels this year include:

• They Also Serve: Spouse Bloggers
• Best Milblogs You’ve Never Read
• Milblogs: Not Your Standard News Source
• Getting the Picture: What’s Next for Milblogs?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more about these panels and the people participating in them. I will say up front that not all of our participants will be able to be present in person, but we are making arrangements for them to take part from around the world. I will also be introducing you to the participants, letting them introduce themselves and discuss things in their own words. As noted earlier, I also hope to have some surprises to mention.

Stay tuned, and I hope to see you at the milblog track.


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