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Doctor Anonymous Brings BWE to Blog Talk Radio


628bd932-5e0c-4001-ab47-3091dd2578a6drcase300-real Doctor Anonymous (aka: Mike Sevilla) will be discussing BlogWorld Expo tonight,  as he celebrates the second broadcast anniversary of his popular Blog Talk Radio show.

Mike will be moderating the “Staying on the Good Side of HIPAA: Safe and Ethical Blogging Practices” panel during the upcoming Medblogger track at BWE.

When he isn’t blogging, broadcasting, tweeting or updating Facebook, he spends his non-virtual time a a Family Physician in Ohio.

You can catch the show, August 27th at 9:00 pm Eastern time (2100 for our fellow Milbloggers out there!)

Come and meet some medbloggers, share your BWE experiences and join in the conversation!

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