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Medblogging Meets BlogWorld/New Media Expo


funny pictures Never underestimate the power of a rant!

This year will mark the first ever Medblogger track at BlogWorld/New Media Expo.

And it all started because of a rather indignant blogger.

That would be me.


An introduction may be in order.  I’m Kim, a registered nurse who has been blogging about my life and times as an ER nurse over at Emergiblog.

It was 2008 and I had just come home from attending BlogHer. So many bloggers! So much energy! So much inspiration!

And not a single session or special interest group for medbloggers.

I looked at other conferences.  Even those related to health 2.0 had nothing for those of us in the trenches, the day-to-day regular medbloggers. I looked at BlogWorld Expo. Milbloggers, sports bloggers, political bloggers, real estate bloggers…but nothing for medbloggers.

Humph! That just would not do! So I did what any self-respecting blogger would do.

I ranted.

Rick Calvert saw that rant, and left a comment.

“There is a place for you at BlogWorld.”



A small group of us made it to BlogWorldExpo 08, and to make it even better we came with a potential sponsor!

By the time we left, we had potential topics and speakers lined up for ’09.

Johnson & Johnson confirmed their sponsorship. Dr. Val at Better Health was instrumental in lining up our panels and confirming our speakers (aka, she did all the work!) and MedPage Today entered as a co-sponsor.

The die was cast; the game was afoot; we were ready to roll.

Here is the result, the Medblogger track line-up:

Panel #1 The State of the Health Blogosphere: We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

Moderator: Kim McAllister, Emergiblog
Panelist: Kevin Pho, Kevin MD
Panelist: Nick Genes, Blogborygmi
Panelist: Kerri Sparling, SixUntilMe

Panel #2 Staying On The Good Side of HIPAA: Safe and Ethical Blogging Practices

Moderator: Mike Sevilla, Doctor Anonymous
Panelist: Rob Lamberts, Musings of a Distractible Mind
Panelist: Bryan Vartabedian, Parenting Solved
Panelist: Bob Coffield, Health Care Law Blog

Panel #3 Blogging For Change: How To Influence Healthcare Through Blogging

Moderator: Val Jones, Better Health
Panelist: Neil Taverner, Other Things Amanzi
Panelist: Terri Polick, Nurse Ratched’s Place
Panelist: Gene Ostrovsky, Medgadget

Panel #4 The Value of Blogs To Hospitals, Industry, and News Organizations

Moderator: Gary Schwitzer, Health News Review
Panelist: Marc Monseau, Johnson & Johnson ‘s JNJBTW Blog
Panelist: Bob Stern, MedPage Today
Panelist: Paul Levy, Running A Hospital

From blog post to full track in less than a year.

Never underestimate the power of a rant!


  • Rick Calvert

    Its true Kim your rant started this all. And to anyone other community of bloggers, podcasters, internet radio or TV broadcasters, this is your open invitation. We have room and want your group to be part of BlogWorld too.

    When I first had the idea for BlogWorld, I thought it was just going to be political bloggers because that was the world I lived in but I wanted something more then Yearly Kos (now Net Roots Nation). I always found my political leanings to be in the middle and I had friends on both sides of the political blogosphere so I wanted an event where I could learn to build my own community, create better content, learn more about the technology of new media, and that thing that crosses all of our minds when we realize we have a lot of eyeballs; a place where I could learn how to monetize my content.

    But more than anything I wanted to meet my fellow bloggers on the left and the right. I wanted them to meet each other. These people who threw virtual hammers at each other day after day on the internet and see how they got along together in person.

    Low and behold when I started doing research to figure out how practical holding an event like BlogWorld would be, I realized the blogosphere and social media as a whole was a much bigger place than I had ever realized. I also quickly realized I was not alone in my narrow vision of the blogosphere.

    So from day one we made the conscious effort to reach out to communities of bloggers so they could meet their friends, network and learn from each other, but the big sneaky idea behind it all was that was they actually got to the event they would realize the same thing I did:

    THE BLOGOSPHERE IS FREAKING HUGE! and we are all no matter which vertical community we belong to a part of something much much bigger than our little community. We all need to reach outside our comfortable circles if this amazing medium of ours is really going to change the world.

    So if you are like Kim and belong to a social media community that isnt being represented yet please send me an email rick@blogworldexpo.com.

    There is a place for you at BlogWorld too.

    /rant off

  • Robin

    Suggestion for next year: Panel to include ePatients. I can think of a zillion topics.

  • Sean

    Psst. I think who is doing the ranting helps a little. Such the influential med-blogger my dear. We love ya! And I love being a nurse watching it all happen. (Sorry,I can only watch)

  • e-Patient Dave

    Hmmm, what’s missing from this picture? PATIENTS?

    In case all you medical professionals 🙂 aren’t aware of it, patient blogging is a pretty robust field. If y’all think YOU have an interest in how healthcare goes, consider how patients feel about it. 🙂

    If the existence of patient blogs is news to you I’ll see if I can gather a few names…

  • Kim

    Hi e-Patient Dave:

    When we put together this very first conference, we were only able to have four topics – kind of dipping our toe into the water. So we had to pick topics that would work for all medbloggers (docs, nurses, patients, admins). Hence, you see the more generalized topics this year.

    If this works and we are able to expand beyond this year, we can hopefully have concurrent sessions and have a more specific voice for different groups.

    Patients are included – there is a patient blogger on the “State of the Blogsophere” panel, Patients can carry the Healthblogger Code of Ethics (and they do!), Patients use blogs to help promote change and provide information and so it’s important to patient bloggers to know how their voice/blog can be used and why it’s important to know how these impact the media, institutions, etc.

    Personally, I have a huge patient blog roll and can tell you I’ve always considered patient bloggers as an integral part of the medblogger genre. And this from the very beginning of my blog. Reading patient blogs is enlightening, and as I have mentioned to other patient blogger/friends, I have learned more about the patient experience online than I would ever learn through my practice.

  • Dr. Val

    We HAVE ePatients on the panel – Kerri Morrone Sparling is a superstar diabetes blogger… and we have other influential non-healthcare professionals featured prominently: Paul Levy, Gene Ostrovsky, Bob Coffield, etc. This event is very inclusive – and the number of panelists is only limited by funding.

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