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Announcing Wordcamp Las Vegas At BlogWorld Expo


Wordcamp Las Vegas @ BlogWorld Expo

We wanted to announce something very exciting that we have never done before now, Wordcamp LasVegas @ BlogWorld Expo will take place this year on October 16 – 17, 2009.

I had the opportunity to speak at Wordcamp Las Vegas in January in conjunction with a trip to Las Vegas.  I was very impressed with the way they ran the conference and their great lineup (perhaps except for me).  This was mostly due to the hard work and passion behind the WordPress community, but especially  part of the organizers.  I am very glad they have been brought on our team to make our event that much better.  I am especially pleased that John Hawkins will be at the head of the class.

We will be organizing and conducting the second Wordcamp Las Vegas at BlogWorld & New Media Expo this October and it will probably be the largest Wordcamp ever for attendance.  The reason I am sure of this is that anyone that purchases a ticket in any of the packages available will be able to attend Wordcamp absolutely free as part of your pass.  For a discount you can enter code WordCampVIP.

We will be making some announcements on some of the speakers for this event very soon, but I can assure you with the many very well known speakers already taking part in our lineup of conference presenters, we will not run short of dynamite WordPress experts.  As if that was not enough, we will also be hosting a WordPress Genius Bar, where you can ask the experts about your WordPress problems or get tips of using the platform or other information that will make your blog the best it can be, in things like design, SEO, content, and many other facets.  We will be updating the Twitter page regularly and you can follow along @lvwordcamp, or the subscribe or read the blog.  I will also be posting here.

I will be speaking at Wordcamp LA later next month and I have been to Wordcamp Las Vegas, Wordcamp Denver, Wordcamp Reno-Tahoe, and Wordcamp Chicago.  To say the least I am a big proponent of their application.  Join us and let the WordPress community talk to you about why this is one of the hottest blogging platforms.  I know I’ll be there, will you?

Join us Friday, August 28, 2009 as we have on BlogWorld Expo Radio special guest John Hawkins to discuss this new addition to our event.



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