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BlogWorld New Media Expo Headed To Gnomedex 9.0


gnomedex1 I have heard and followed along with this conference for a long time.  I actually was able to attend a couple of years ago from the comfort of my own home in my office while watching some of the sessions on Ustream. I really love the conference facility at Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle.  In fact, it was where I first met Rick Calvert, the CEO here at BlogWorld & New Media Expo.

Gnomedex has been around quite a long time in Internet years.  Yes, that is like dog years only longer.  Let me be the first to say that in order to pull off a conference like this for that many years and to make it a dynamite must attend event you have to have done something right.  They tend to have memorable speakers and great conversations, and although this is my first year attending, I have heard rumor that that have some great parties too.  We are very happy to be a media partner with the folks at Gnomedex and I look forward to seeing Chris Pirillo and all the folks in Seattle that are regulars of the event.  I also looked over the attendee list thus far and it looks like I will see a few of the speakers that we will have speaking at our event!  I’ll now get to say hello and have a great meetup with them!  Last I looked, there were only a few spots left to get your own ticket to go to this cool conference.  If you are going, or if you plan to go make sure you get registered right away, please look me up and say “hi!”

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