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Build Your Blog’s Community Using Tweetmeme



Of all the bloggy bells and whistles, I’m hearting my TweetMeme button the most. It’s sending me the love like you wouldn’t believe. TweetMeme is a handy little widget allowing readers to retweet a blog post on Twitter in order to share with friends and followers.

I recently installed a TweetMeme plugin on all my personal blogs. I am so glad I did. TweetMeme is directing traffic to my blogs like no widget ever has. I think it’s a success because readers only have to click on button without having to invest any time with logins,voting or permissions. They don’t even have to type anything if they don’t want to. Though the user can edit, TweetMeme will do all the work. Placed up at top of a blog for all to see, it’s a great way for a community to give back to a blogger. It’s also a great way to welcome new members to your community.

The other day one of my posts received 29 re-tweets thanks to the TweetMeme button, which translated into 700 extra visitors to my blog network. I’ve had similar results with other popular posts. Some more well-known bloggers received hundreds, if not thousands or retweets via the TweetMeme button so I can only imagine what kind of traffic they’re pulling in from this puppy.

If you’re not up for installing the plugin, you can also manually install the TweetMeme code into each blog post. I did this before committing to the plugin to see if it was worth it, and as you can tell, it certainly was.

Go ahead…install it. We’ll wait. Then come back and tell us what kind of traffic was referred to your blog as a result. Chances are, you’ll see at least some improvement.



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