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Quick Tip: Want Folks to Follow You on Twitter? Tell Us Why We Should!



Looking for Twitter followers? Wondering why all those people you follow won’t follow you in return? It could be because you’re not giving them enough to go on. Most people who look for folks to follow on Twitter do so because they’re looking for like-minded people to share and converse with. If your Twitter profile is blank, you’re most likely missing out.

Your Twitter profile should include a very brief bio, your interests and a link to your blog or website. This will satisfy the curiosity of the people who you follow, and also help get you indexed in a Twitter search. There’s not a whole lot of room, so choose your words carefully.

You may not think a Twitter profile is important, but if you’re interested in being followed by similar personalities, I can assure you, it’s a must.


  • Angela

    Surefire ways to get me to NOT follow you…have the f-bomb in your profile especially the mf bomb, have a sexy picture, state your location as “everywhere” have ONE update, use yoga/new age meditation language, have NO picture.

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