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Speakers and Schedule Not Yet Complete


standinline I wanted to take a moment and bring everyone up to date on where we stand with the schedule and the speakers lineup.  We are completing most of the 11 separate tracks that will be going on at Blog World Expo in October.  Panels such as the military bloggers have already been completed by their track leaders as well as the medical bloggers,  and those are being posted on blogs.  Other tracks such as the Social Media Business Summit and others have yet to be completed.  These are taking more time to develop. We are in the process of filling those positions by interviewing those that have submitted proposals and are vying for the very few spots left. Most of the track leaders have completed their tracks and we are firming up some information before the schedule is set.

Imagine if you will that we have two job openings for cool positions.  Now imagine 2,000 standing in line to interview for the positions.  You can get a sense of what we are trying to accomplish here.  I need to first speak to those that we want to provide the stage to and then make a decision based on the interviews.  That all takes much time and effort and we are trying to get through them as quickly as possible.  I appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.  Those that have already been chosen to speak will be getting an email soon with more information on the time of your panel and the information related to that panel.

I have to apologize that this is taking much longer than I myself anticipated. If you are one of the people standing in line, I am getting there, I just need to find another few moments in the day!

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  • Cynthia

    Looking forward to hearing more about this event! Maybe me and the girls from my blog will attend, we are builing up quite a following, feel free to contact us with more information

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