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David Lee at Wetoku Interviews Me


Yesterday BlogWorld Exhibitor and Wetoku VP of sales David Lee asked me a few questions using their new video service.  It was pretty lag free and despite both of us having lousy web cams the quality looks pretty good to me. That is except for both of us having a bad hair day. At least David wore his Red Sox Hat =p. Here is the video:

I really hate the way the webcam makes my eyes bug out hehe.


  • David Lee

    Hi Rick! I really enjoyed speaking with you. In particular, I enjoyed your insights on the role that Wetoku might play in helping bloggers.

    I had a really crummy internet connection at my hotel, which is why we lost a few frames here and there. Next time I’ll try to make sure I’ve got a faster connection!

  • Jim "Genuine" Turner

    Maybe I should change my title to New Media Director?

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