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MySpace Cutting Jobs & Downsizing International Work


myspace_logo Uh oh for MySpace.  Looks like the former King of Social Networking just got knocked back to Prince.  As Facebook has officially passed MySpace by when it comes to popularity and traffic, MySpace looks like it’s being forced to act accordingly and has reportedly made moves to reposition themselves.

According to recent reports, MySpace has actually had to cut quite a few jobs, starting with their international work.  The reports said:

“MySpace announced plans to restructure its international operations, focusing the social network on a smaller number of countries. The plan would see the international workforce drop to 150 people from the current 450 and the company closing four offices outside its home country the US. Upon completion of the proposed plan, London, Berlin and Sydney would become the primary regional hubs for MySpace’s international operations. Existing offices in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, and Spain will be put under review for possible restructure. MySpace China, a locally owned, operated and managed company, and MySpace’s joint venture in Japan would not be affected by the proposed plan.”

Considering the fact that about half of MySpace’s user base comes from outside of the USA, and that percentage will most likely continue to climb as Facebook and Twitter gain popularity, this is not exactly a good thing.  Could we be witnessing the slow decline of MySpace?  Is this the death rattle?  Time will tell.

That actually makes me curious…how many of you out there still maintain a MySpace?  By maintain, I mean, not just have one but actually log into it, and use it?  We’d love to know…

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