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Do Your Blogs Bring You Business….Or is it Your Business to Blog?



I read a thought-provoking post yesterday at Men with Pens regarding converting blog readers to clients. The author, James Chartrand, left some interesting food for thought behind. Many bloggers give away all their wisdom for free. Their readers come by to learn, perhaps add a comment or two, and then leave. If we’re lucky they’ll click on an ad or buy a product, but most bloggers don’t earn much of a wage from blog income. James’ blog post had me thinking about my own blog and its purpose, which was to help folks find freelance writing and blogging work and not to get scammed. With that said, my blog also brings in a semi-decent income. I can pay the mortgage with my blog earnings and maybe have something left over for a few meals. The icing on the proverbial cake is when I land a client through my blog. It’s not a common occurrence but it does happen . So now I’m wondering…how many bloggers land work as a direct result of their blogs?

Are Your Blogs Bringing You Business?

In the freelance writing world, almost every writer feels he has to have a blog because it showcases his writing, gives up his contact information, and helps him to make a name for himself. I wonder though, are they really bringing in clients?

I took an informal poll yesterday and asked several writing friends if potential clients contact them through their blogs. Most informed me that they land very few clients this way. In fact, more bloggers find work via Twitter than from someone who read their blogs and decided to hire them on the spot. The writing bloggers don’t earn much money from their blogs, and only use the blogs as a sort of a writing resume. In fact, most earn money via blogs, but not their own blogs. They earn their money by blogging for others.

Do You Land Clients Through Your Blog?

Since my informal poll only spoke to a few niche bloggers, I thought I’d throw the same question out to the mainstream. Do you land clients through your blogs? How do you earn money as a blogger? If your purpose is to make money through your own blog, how are you doing it?



  • Melanie Nelson

    I haven’t landed any clients directly via my blog, but I still think my blog is responsible for the work I’ve received. Without my blog I wouldn’t be attending conferences, being selected to go on marketing vacations, or networking with others. Since I do all those things because I blog, I’ve met women and made connections and gotten work. It’s all related. I couldn’t do one without the other.

  • Katy

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