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Hotel Discounts Abound for BlogWorld ’09



Yesterday Rick blasted out (on Twitter) some amazing hotel discounts for BlogWorld attendees. Check out these sweet deals:

  • The Courtyard, directly across the street from the conference center, is $79 per night.  You’ll save on cab fare too because you won’t need to pay a cab driver $20 to get you from the strip each trip.
  • The Las Vegas Hilton, a short walk from the conference center, is only $69 per night. If you’d prefer to stay at a casino, this is probably your best bet.
  • The Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel is just a short walk from the hotel and, using the BlogWorld discount, will run $109 per night.

Nice, right?

I’d like to share some other cool hotel discount tips with you, if that’s ok. I like to stay at the Residence Inn when I attend conferences. There’s usually one within walking distance from any convention center. They offer free WiFi, free hot breakfast buffet, free newspapers, and appetizers and wine in the evening. There’s also a kitchen and living area in each room, so if I want to stock up with drinks or lunch, I don’t have to pay a conference premium. This year, the Residence Inn will only run me about $100 per night because I am using my AAA discount (a savings of about $80 per night) and my Marriott Rewards Points. I don’t have to pay cabs to the conference center and it’s right across the street from the Monorail for when I want to visit the strip.

Here are some tips for saving money on hotel rates:

AAA Discount – If you’re a member of AAA, do take advantage of their discounts. They’re substantial and you can save on lodging, food and more.

Senior Citizen Discount – If you hold an AARP card or are eligible for senior discount, use them to your advantage!

Roommates – I’m not a roommate type of girl, but don’t be ashamed to seek other bloggers to bunk with to save money at Blogworld.

Rewards Points – The aforementioned Marriott and other hotel chains offer rewards points that build up every time you stay at one of their hotels. Not only can you use them to save money, but you can use them in conjunction with other discounts too – and save really big!

Government and Military discounts – Milbloggers will like this one! Many folks in the armed forces or who work for the government can take advantage of hotel discounts, as a reward for their years giving service to our country.

Credit Card Discounts – Check with your credit card company to see which hotels they are partnered with and use that discount to save money.

Other Ways to Save Money

Want to save even more money? Stay close to the hotel to save on cabs or use the monorail. The monorail is only a few dollars a day compared to a $10 to $20 cab ride, plus the pass is good for the entire day. Many hotels and casinos offer discounts for meals as well. Look for the places offer freebies – coffee in the rooms, continental breaksfasts and other savings. If you have  fridge in your room, stock up on salads or sandwich stuff and eat your lunch there if you have no plans and you’re close to the conference center.  The food there and at the casinos and restaurants can run on the pricey side and there’s no shame in doing what you have to do save coin.

What are your favorite tips for saving money on travel? Share them here!



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