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Blogging: You Get What You Give


In May, my blog network had it’s highest ever payout in terms of revenue. We’re talking more than two thousand dollars for the month. For some serious probloggers this may seem like chump change, but for someone who has watched a slow steady rise over the past four years, yesterday’s tallies were a celebratory occasion.

Over the past year I sort of stepped back from micromanaging the network in order to put my all into my full time job community manager job. My neglect showed and I was getting disheartened. Would this blog ever do more than break even? In my busyness however, I never really sat down during that time to figure out the problem.

Circumstances changed over the past few months and I decided to dedicate more time to my blogging. My first step was to sit down and analyze the situation. I realized my issues had nothing to do with the blog and it had nothing to do with the folks who blogged for me. It was all my fault. My promotional efforts were lackluster and I didn’t really pursue the big advertisers. I even blogged half heartedly. No wonder things weren’t going my way.  What happened to my passion?

I eagerly threw myself back into my blogging. I began writing more and became relentless with the promotional efforts. I researched ideas for interesting content so I wasn’t only writing about the same old thing and I started an accompanying social network. Soon, my numbers began to rise, folks began taking notice again. Advertisers were contacting me, instead of the other way around. It was proof positive that I can’t sit back and expect a blog to grow, I have to give it a wholehearted effort. Once I renewed my passion, the rest was easy.

Circumstances have further changed and I find myself with even more time on my hands, and I’m using it to my advantage. My love for my own blogs has returned with a vengeance. With blogging, you truly do get what you give. If you think blogging is nothing more than slapping up a post and hoping someone will comment, don’t expect much. If you put your heart into it and give it the love and respect it deserves, it will pay off in more ways then one.

Are you passionate about your blogs? Does it show?


  • Lisa Cunningham

    Good advice to all us fledgling bloggers. It’s a matter of setting your priorities and going after what you want. If you focus your efforts, you can make great money blogging. I’d be quite pleased w/ $2,000 per month.

    Sometimes writers are not the best marketers. We need more tools to target our desired readers.

  • Rachael

    Great point. I am glad you found a renewed passion for you blogging and that the efforts are paying off. With blogging you have to put the love and passion into it without any immediate return–especially if your blog is new–which can make people lose their drive right away. This is a good message to stick with it, put in the work and love, and it will (hopefully) start giving back.

  • CoconutWater

    I agree with Lisa this is some good advice for beginning bloggers. It also just goes to show the payoff for putting the time and effort into sustaining a growing blog.

  • Shannon (

    Deb – Thanks for this post. It was just what I needed. At some point, we all get blog fatigue, but if we work through the slumps and find that passion again, then all is well. I’m glad you found your passion again.

    Now, can someone please tell me where I left mine? I seem to have misplaced it somewhere….LOL!

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