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Ashton Kutcher Threatens to Stop Tweeting – Do We Care?



Dear Ashton Kutcher,

I have news for you. There was a Twittersphere long before you went on national television begging for followers, and there will be a Twitter long after.

Your threatening to stop Tweeting if Twitter turns into a reality television show is akin to the many Twitterers who threatened to stop Tweeting if celebrities (that would be you) took over Twitter with their million plus follower accounts.  We don’t care.

I mean, you go on CNN, you go on Oprah, you’re in the headlines for weeks for being the first Twitterer with one million followers, and you worry about Twitter being a sell out because of a rumored television show? What’s the matter Ashton, did John & Kate steal away your headlines this week?

You say you’re against a Twitter television show because you don’t want to be stalked. Yet you’re on television drumming up a following. You even post pictures of your wife’s butt. If you’re so interested in your safety and privacy, I’m thinking you might want to spend a little less time online? You’re a celebrity, Ashton. We find you pimping cameras, taking over the CNN building, and punking unsuspecting celebrities, and now, after all this time, you’re worried someone may stalk you because of a rumored reality television show that would be “putting ordinary people on the trail of celebrities in a revolutionary competitive format.” Heck, TMZ does this on a daily basis.

Go ahead Ashton. Stop Tweeting. Then come back a week later and see if anyone noticed.

I’m thinking no.


Someone who thinks maybe you should stop for a while so more important topics can make the headlines.


  • Keith Burtis

    answer to your headline “NO”

  • Jarret

    Wow, this is a f#*%king great article!

    There are going to be some idiots, I mean people….that are going to complain if he stops but the majority of the Twitter nation could really care less – me included!

  • Robert Owen

    Nope… Don’t care. not one bit.

  • Dr. Blogstein

    Can he stop acting and producing TV shows too?

  • Jesse

    why are you wasting my time whining about ashton wasting my time?

  • Trisha Lyn Fawver

    Ashton Kutcher is just another celeb douche that thinks the world revolves around him. I couldn’t agree more with the comment that Twitter was around long before he was using it. I wish he would stop so I didn’t have to hear news programs jumping on Twitter like it’s the holy grail that will keep their ratings alive.

  • Elizabeth

    One can only hope he quits Twitter. He’s using Twitter as free PR so he doesn’t have to pay his PR people because God knows, Twitter is a PR person’s WORST nightmare! They can’t clean up their client’s messes after the first post! He’s an egomaniac at best. He must, in my opinion, have THE worst self-esteem issues. He’s constantly got a camera in his face and tries to talk to much like a Punk in his vid-posts. I prefer celebs who I know nothing about so that when I watch their movies, the character seems more believeable.

  • Clay Phillips

    Miss Ng,it sounds as though you’re not as well informed as someone should be who attempts(and I use the word attempts EXTREMELY loosely) to make valid points.

    You know that Kutcher was trying to get the million followers for a CHARITY event,correct???

    You know that no matter who they are,EVERYONE is entitled to their privacy,and after some of the horrid paparazzi-related deaths and accidents(Lady Di springs to mind immediately),a person would be a DAMNED FOOL to want to be involved-We’re talking about the GENERAL PUBLIC being given free reign to stalk celebrities.AND(and I am aware that starting a sentence with “and” is incorrect,but I’m doing it anyway),we can’t assume that the folks sent to stalk the said celebrities are going to be fans-They may have some MAJOR axe to grind because of some imagined slight(see John Hinckley Jr.,Mark David Chapman,Robert John Bardo(Rebecca Schaeffer’s killer),Arthur Jackson(Teresa Saldana’s attacker))-The next to last one,Robert John Bardo truly,TRULY exhibits the celebrity stalking angle,as that’s exactly what he did to be able to kill Miss Schaeffer,a woman he DID NOT HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH,other than what he’d seen of her on television(AND a heartfelt response from the actress when she was genuinely moved by one of his missives—Certainly reason to be seen as a good example of what a “celebrity” SHOULD be(but rarely is),but NO REASON to be cut down in the prime of her life by a madman).and Jackson was intent on tracking down and murdering Teresa Saldana(an actress he’d seen in a movie and become hopelessly attracted to).His plan was as follows:Find her,kill her,get convicted of the crime and sentenced to die so he could then join her in death.His plan ALSO inspired the plans later carried out by Bardo against Miss Schaeffer.

    Kutcher is not too far off the point on this one,Miss Ng.While his celebrity is great and wonderful,and can be used for any number of incredible charities,AND whatever project he has a market for(and honestly,if there wasn’t a market for it,TRUST ME,his shows/commercials/practical “jokes”(I’m not a big fan of Punk’d,but hey..Someone was,and is,or you wouldn’t still find it on the tube)) and wants to do…But here’s the definition,by law,of what the point is:

    “According to the legislation, a stalker is defined as “someone who willfully, maliciously and repeatedly follows or harasses another victim and who makes a credible threat with the intent to place the victim or victim’s immediate family in fear of their safety. “There must be at least two incidents to constitute the crime and show a “continuity of purpose” or credible threat. Another name for it is psychological terrorism, and it’s all about the obsession with possession: If I can’t have you, no one will.”

    AND(there I go again!!!) you know as well as we all do-People do some INSANE things when a large amount of money is concerned(Even a small amount during these hard economic times).If I was him,I wouldn’t want to subject my family to that,even if I was o.k. with it.

    Miss Ng,the man trying to help get mosquito netting is IN NO WAY a move that should nbe linked to ANYONE getting an over-inflated ego or sense of self….AND these people are in movies and shows and make music that we enjoy,but that IN NO WAY AT ALL entitles us to ANYTHING other than that movie,or that television show,or that CD or song…We pay our money for THAT,not any other piece of this person,or their time…

    AND(I’m a cad),the last time I checked,this was still a free country.A person,ANY person is entitled to their opinion…it’s only when it’s covered by networks and news agencies that it is…ahem…turned into news(as a journalism major,you have NO IDEA how sickening that was to type)….If you have a problem with the man’s words,considering the total insignificance of these particular words,why not just let them lie,as they would QUICKLY dissolve into the aether…..

    But,as THEY say-Any publicity is good publicity,eh???

    Clay Phillips,a complete NON-FAN of Ashton Kutcher,but someone who realizes that he has every right that ANYONE does,even if his complete dis of an insane PR stunt does make SOME folks treat him as a pariah

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