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One of the reasons I enjoy attending blog and social media conferences so much is because I love meeting with the folks I interact with online. I’ll even go as far as to say I use my online communities only as a tool for making personal connections. I think a mistake many folks make is believing community management is only for online, but that isn’t the case at all.

It’s great to have 20,000 followers on Twitter or 750 Friends on Facebook, but what do they really do for you – and what can you really do for them in 140 characters or less? I find I better learn the wants and needs of the folks in the communities I manage over a cup of coffee or chit chatting in the hallway of a conference center. It’s easier for me to explain how something works, or the benefits of a particular service face to face or while using the telephone.

It’s great that we’re now realizing it’s all about pesonal connections and conversations, but those connections shouldn’t be tied down to one’s laptop. Use your online connections to reach out to make a more personal connection, you –and your community – will be happy you did.

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