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Twitter: The Best Job Search Tool Ever



Twitter fascinates me. If I could, I’d spend the entire day watching the current trends and following shared links. Sometimes I lurk, and watch other conversations unfold, other times I’m an active participant. With my Tweet deck open I can monitor several talks at once. It’s a beautiful thing.

Because my blog is about freelancing and finding work, I tend to monitor job hunting tweets most often. Here’s what I’m noticing:

The Twitter community wants to help others find work: If I were to Tweet that I was looking for work, the echo effect would take place. My news would be retweeted several times over. Should an attractive job come along for which I’m qualified, it would be brought to my attention via @’s and DM’s. Twitter impresses me. After moving away from a city where neighbors didn’t take the time to get to know each other, and people were suspicious of me for going out of my way to help the elderly folks upstairs, I dig the vibe. Twitter is community at its best.

There are lots of jobs being advertised on Twitter: Holy cats there are a lot of jobs out there! Don’t believe me? Set up your Tweet Deck to include searches for jobs in your profession and see what happens. Twitter services such as Job Angels not only alert followers to available opportunities, but they also tweet out job hunters’ details.

Jobs in social media are hot: Everyone wants to be a community manager and everyone is a social media expert (we’ll talk more on that last one another time). As soon as a social media job is tweeted, the Twitterers take note. Retweets abound. Mind you, this probably creates a lot of competition, but since most of the jobs are location specific (more on THAT at a later time as well), there’s not a whole lot to worry about. Suffice it to say there is an abundance of social media opportunities on Twitter. Partake.

Twitter Search is the best source on the web for finding work: Two terrific sources for finding work are Twitter Search or Twitter Job Search. Go ahead, give it a try….I’ll wait.

See what I mean? Type in “Freelance writing jobs”, “social media jobs” or “community manager” and you’ll get turned on to leads or links to job opportunties you never knew existed.

All the job boards are on Twitter: Follow your favorite job boards because they tweet out tasty tidbits. Blogs specialzing in jobs and careers are also known to drop a gem or two. Pretty soon everyone on Twitter will be employed and the only folks without work are the ones who don’t get it.

How do you use Twitter for your job search?


  • Sunday

    Thanks for this. As a newbie to Twitter and a freelancer, you’ve really helped refine and expand my job searching skills. It’s great to think that I could centralize all that one Twitter.

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