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Church Encourages Twitter Use During Service


Welcome to the 21st century.  I guess when the institution that has been considered the most traditional and least technologically advanced starts to embrace modern technology like Twitter, it’s time to say it’s officially arrived.  I just caught wind of a church in North Carolina that not only doesn’t care if you text message and Tweet during the church service and sermon, they Encourage it.  Huh?

That’s right, at the Next Level Church in Charlotte, NC, they are actually encouraging members of its congregation to get those cell phones out and send Tweets all throughout the service and most importantly the sermon.  Apparently their pastor believes that it’s his responsibility to ensure that the church is using every technological advance possible to help spread their message.

According to reports:

“The congregation was urged to post minute-by-minute updates to their Twitter accounts to allow members across the room to broadcast in real time how the message was touching them…“People who didn’t get to make the service get the opportunity to see what notes I’m taking and what’s going on here in the service,” church member Robbie McLaughlin said.”

Once again this brings up an entire new question that I’m sure will be popping up more than ever before:  Where else can new social media and social networking services like Twitter be used?  It’s interesting to see it being used in previously ultra-traditional places like churches, but it makes me wonder where else Twitter might be extremely beneficial?  What about Government?  What about more real-time updating of sporting events?  What about NASA in space?  I know there have been Tweets from the rovers on Mars, but what about directly from the astronauts on the moon?

Apparently the sky, is no longer the limit.  Hold on tight, who knows what else is on the way.

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