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I Love Twitter


I love Twitter, and I might be addicted.

Fortunately – or unfortunately – I have to work all day and so can’t access Twitter until I get home around six.  Even then, I don’t dwell on Twitter Lane as many people seem to do; I just love to walk up and down the Twittersphere and look into people’s windows every chance I get.

I think we choose our Twitter friends as we choose our blogroll; someone interests us in some way, so we add him/her.  Oh, sure, there are people who add and follow anybody and everybody, but I’m not that girl, either.  I have to be interested in the potential Twitter friend, and the potential Twitter friend must have a blog.  MySpace doesn’t count.

That’s right, that’s right, you read it right:  I don’t follow anyone who doesn’t have a personal blog.

I also don’t follow anyone who uses a lot of profanity or too much text code.

Perhaps I’m an odd Twitterer, but I don’t really think so.  But, just what’s the Twitter attraction for someone like me?  Answer:  many things!!!

There are some really nice people following me, and BEING followed by me.  I find their tweets interesting, and I like to join in when I can.  I also discovered that people on Twitter are helpful and knowledgeable: a lovely combination indeed.  I asked a techie question (sort of) last night, and a whole lot of people were kind enough to tell me what to do.  I appreciated that a lot.  A WHOLE lot!  I took their advice and my problem was solved, too.

To sum up:  Twitter is cool.  The people there are nice.  I like Twitter.

Oh, I’m sorry, did you say something?  I was looking at these really sweet pictures a Twitter friend sent me; they’re fascinating.

Mmm, Twitter.  Love it.

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