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CBS Sunday Morning’s Two Takes On Blogging


I never watch this program but for some reason I did this Sunday. I took it as a sign when Tim Bourquin sent me a link to the first video online that it required a post.

This first piece is pretty good considering the audience and despite the little dig equating bloggers with yellow journalism.

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We should all heed the implied word of warning to avoid the consolidation that took over and some say ruined the newspaper business.

Doesn’t this piece remind you a little bit of the great videos Lee Lefever makes?

Then comes the next piece on Twitter by Nancy Giles who doesn’t quite get Twitter.  Now wait just a cotton picking minute, she actually embeds one of Lee’s videos in the piece.  Now I really want to know if the Fast Take guys were ripping Lee off errr showing him the greatest  form of flattery.

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She’s not sure how she feels about the news being interactive and at the end of the piece Nancy poses the question:

I’m wondering if you use Twitter are you considered a Twit?

In your case Nancy the answer is yes. What do you say tweople, am I being too hard on Nancy?

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