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The Pricelessness of Blogging


I live out in the country, several miles from the nearest small town.  I know only one other adult who blogs, living in this area.  We met and became friends because of our blogs.  We have little in common besides our passion for blogging, but a passion for blogging is a big enough passion to suffice.

One reason – and there are many others – that I love to go to blogging conventions is to meet other bloggers.  There are all kinds of conventions for all kinds of interests, of course.  I’ve been going to writing conferences and education conferences for years, and I love them.  I love meeting people who share these interests with me, exchanging ideas, learning new things, teaching new things, and just generally hanging out with congenial people who have similar interests in addition to their individual quirks and qualities.

Not all writers are bloggers, however.  Bloggers are writers who put an extention of themselves down on a public blog for the world to see, and judge, and comment on.  Bloggers experience exultation from this, and occasionally heartbreak.  It’s worth it.  I have to get a bank loan in order to go to these conferences.  It’s worth it.

And to meet others who understand this?


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