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The Future of the Web Browser


Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer here are talking about the future of the Browser.  I learned something about Ajax and the revolution of the web. I hear lots of developers and others talk about Ajax and it in my mind is the cleanser, but it means big things to the web.

They talk about now things are changing like going from that pong game to the games of today.  Things are much more robust now.  There are technologies that are avaiable now or are being developed that are bringing us to the future.

One of the things that I am curious about is how they are going to address the mobile world with browsers.  They discuss flash and other apps with mobile phones but browsers are becoming better and they don’t need to have that now.  They talk about the newest Palm Pre as revolutionary.

The big question mark behind IE on their slide and what it will do to keep up.  The crowd all had a good laugh about that.  Seems that IE is really falling behind in the browser race.

These were the four areas they were excited about in the future of the web browser.

  1. Canvas
  2. Fast Javascript
  3. Web Workers
  4. Desktop Integration

The possibilites that they are seeing are coming.  iWork is doing some cool things and Bespin from Mozilla is working on the future of the browser that is doing thigs that we are used to on the desktop that we can use on the browser.

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