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The 100 Best Blogs In The World?


At least according to The Times of London Blogger Bryan Appleyard. Bryan not only gives us a great list (this is just part one) including some gems I had never heard of but gives a great explanation about what makes blogging so fun and addictive even for professional journalists:

The total number of blogs is thought to be approaching 200m, 73m of them in China. I can see no reason why there shouldn’t be hundreds of millions more, because, you see, blogging is like smoking or gambling — hard to give up. Ever since I started blogging (March 15, 2006), I’ve been trying to stop. It’s not that it’s time-consuming — I’m a casual blogger. Nor do I feel intimidated by the brutal worldwide abuse from other bloggers that every blogger of any prominence inevitably attracts. I don’t even feel it’s much of a burden: if I don’t want to post, I don’t post, and on a couple of occasions I’ve handed over my blog to others.

No, the reason I keep wanting to quit is the intimacy and exposure of the blogscape. (“Blogosphere” is the name everybody else uses, but I’ve invented my own, slightly better word.) I am, because of my blog, “out there” in a way that, three years ago, I would have found inconceivable, terrifying. I still do. I am also, thanks to Thought Experiments (the title of my blog), exposed to the tribulations of an enormous extended family of commenters, linkers, gypsies, tramps, thieves and, worst of all, intellectuals. Being a nuclear type myself, this is traumatic.

This post is well worth the time in clicking through six pages of of Times Online ads.

If you are a political junkie like me and can’t get enough of political blogs check out this one from Bryan’s list authored by the staff of the Brittish Embassy in Harare, Or how about a little irrevrent pop culture from Go Fug Yourself. If you are planning on bicycling around Copenhagen then Copenhagen Cycle Chic is a must read.

I can’t wait for part 2 of his list.

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