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Nokia N95 Cell Phone Lost: Can You Help?


Erin (@QueenOfSpain) informs us that her pet gizmo, her Nokia N95 cell phone, was lost at the TechSet party at BARE during Blogworld Expo. Hopefully it wasn’t someone with light fingers but rather a simple moment of confusion followed by someone staring at this orphaned phone, wondering what to do with it.

One way or the other, she is offering a reward and I know you’ll unquestionably get seven years of good luck if you can help her reunite with her phone!  Questions?  Please feel free to contact us too.

***edit by Rick***
If you are able to return this phone, BlogWorld is also kicking in a free full access pass to BlogWorld 2009. Please pass the word and lets try to get Erin her phone back.

Thank you



  • Erin Kotecki Vest, queen of spain

    Thank so much. @geekmommy and I are also offering cold, hard cash. Please contact me at queenmediallc at gmail dot com with any info. thanks again.

  • Cell Mod

    Some providers will trace any calls made and give you the numbers…. Just ask really nicely!

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