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Basking In The Glow!


WOW! This was an amazing weekend. My head is still spinning. I met so many great people, who said so many nice things about the show (how it was the best conference ever, the most organized, the best looking), our staff (how helpful and professional they were), the speakers (just how overwhelming the list if rockstar speakers were, how great the sessions were, how people couldn’t decide which killer session to choose from), the exhibitors (the cool swag, the great blogging tools they had, how many exhibitors there were, the sponsors (Jones Soda was a smash! with the blogger branded sodas), the attendees (how they asked great questions from the exhibitors and were so interested in what they had to offer), everyone loved the parties! So many more kudos from all of you.

Honestly I have exhibited and attended hundreds of events, organized dozens of them and never seen a group of people this happy and fulfilled with any event. People didn’t want to leave. There were tons of people on the show floor as the Freeman crew was rolling up the carpet after the exhibit hall had closed. Lots more just chatting in the new media lounge, then a few hundred more in different gatherings all over Vegas Sunday night. I tried to meet up with all of them but after the 5th bar I was worn out and had to get some sleep.

A huge thank you to all of you who spoke with me and gave your feedback. We work really really hard on BlogWorld and it is a labor of love for me personally. To hear so many compliments from so many people really means a lot so again Thank you everyone of you.

More posts and well deserved individual thank you’s to come but for now I just had to share the overall feeling of joy and satisfaction I am feeling today. It would never have happened without each and everyone of you contributing your excitement, experience, knowledge and enthusiasm. You are all what made BlogWorld such a great event this year.



  • Deb Ng

    Bask all you want, it was a great event and I had a blast. It was a pleasure to FINALLY meet you and look forward to working together more in the future. Good job, dude. Major claps.

  • Annie

    Thanks so much for an amazing conference! I had a great time and can’t wait to come back next year. I met so many great people, learned a lot, and got to see Vegas, too!

  • Patrick

    Thank you, Rick.

  • Gregg

    Strange that the BlogWorld’s blog is such empty. No news posted on your blog during the weeke-end … isn’t this amazing ?

    What’s up guys 😉 ?

  • Anita Cohen-Williams


    What will happen to all the audio that was recorded at the sessions?

  • Rick


    Sorry we were busy talking to folks in real life this weekend 8). Just now reading all the blog posts, and tweets as fast as I can, and getting some content up on the blog. we felt that our attendees, and exhibitors could tell the story better than we could during the event, which is why we featured the feeds on the home page.


    it was great seeing you this weekend! The audio will be available online very soon. As well as Video for selected sessions.

  • Beth Wilson

    Can’t wait for the audio…so many sessions I wanted to attend, “too many great sessions – so little time” (and only one of me…LOL)

  • David

    I would love to get some audio/video from the two panels I was on, and I look forward to contributing again next year. 😉

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