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Use Twitter to Keep Track of Parties and Events @ Blogworld


You’re coming to Blogworld and New Media Expo 2008 here in Las Vegas. In fact, you might already be here. But how do you keep track of what’s going on, who is meeting up at what bars or nightclubs, what parties are happening, and even which talks at the conference are worth joining and which aren’t?

I’m glad you asked!

If you’re technologically adept, one smart strategy you could use is to utilize Twitter Search (aka Summize) and have a bookmarked search for “blogworld”, “blog world”, “#bwe” and “#bwe08”. That’ll catch all the public tweets that are related to the show, even from people you don’t follow.  Very useful!

For major geek points, if you’re on an iPhone you can just “Add to Home Screen” your saved search and now you’ll have a handy little icon for this search, making it even easier to keep track of what’s happening.

In addition, some of us seem to be magnets for activities, so it’d probably also be smart to follow Rick Calvert, our fearless leader, at @Blogworld and you might also follow me @DaveTaylor – too.

Are you also someone who is going to be twittering about the activities and events here at Blogworld Expo?  If so, please leave your Twitter handle in the comments below this message.

If you aren’t here, well, you can enjoy this amazing event vicariously through our twitterstream but if I were you, I’d beg, borrow or steal and get here to Las Vegas instead!



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