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How to walk from the LV Hilton to Blogworld Expo


Yeah, on first read this seems like a daft sort of posting because the Las Vegas Hilton is immediately adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center. Except the LVCC is over three million square feet, more than a mile across, and you can’t get from the north side to the south side without stepping outside. So, this entry to help Blogworld Expo attendees staying at the LV Hilton to quickly and efficiently walk to the show.

If you’ve been to Vegas for one of the really big shows, like CES, you’re probably used to walking through conference halls. Since we’re not that big (yet) you can’t do that: many of the halls and areas are closed off either for other shows or because they’re setting things up for other shows.  So here’s how to go…

From the lobby of the Hilton, you can either walk through the interior towards the Convention Center (it’s signed), which drops you off at point 1 (on second image, below).  If you go there, walk just a little bit to point 2, so that on the side of the LVCC you see a sign “skywalk to convention center”.

It’s probably easier, however, to walk out the front door and then go outside and around to the “Garden Patio”. Walk through there and you’ll end up in the same driveway between the Hilton and the Convention Center. I marked that point 2.

From there you can either take the elevator or escalator up one floor (it’s marked “Skywalk to Convention Center”), then walk down the long, long walkway until you’re in a central atrium area. That’s the north hall, however, not where we’re actually holding Blogworld.

That’s why from that point you need to go downstairs and out into the sunshine. Now just walk away from the Hilton (south), across Desert Inn Road and to where you’ll see the South Hall and Blogworld. The route I’m suggesting is marked in yellow on the below image, with the destination marked as “3”. The green route is an alternative all-outdoors route, but don’t be fooled, it’ll add 5-10 minutes to your walk. The convention center is really, really big:

Walking Routes from Hilton to Blogworld at LVCC

Walking Routes from Hilton to Blogworld at LVCC

Congrats!  You found us. Just go upstairs and we’ll be waiting for you!

Thanks to Brett Bumeter for tweaking and improving the second image to help make this more coherent!


  • brettbum

    I found the directions a little confusing Dave (sent you a tweet also). I made a few changes to the 2nd image adding more arrows and stuff.
    Please feel free to lift/link the image if you think it will help other people. http://tinyurl.com/56bvfd

  • Klaus Holzapfel

    Thanks Dave, I’ve been walking my feet off before in LAs Vegas. Everything seems so close, until you try to make it by foot.

  • Joel Libava

    Thanx a LOT, Brett1
    Joel Libava
    The Franchise King Blog

  • Jim Kukral

    My advice is to take the tram and get dropped off right in front of the doors. Seriously, it’s the best way. Get a 3-day pass for 28 bucks. You’ll need it anyway.

  • ms danielle

    this was a very confusing walk. even with a map it’s probably hard to navigate and i was just lucky that there was a girl walking a little ways in front of me and i just followed her. i would have totally been lost since i had no idea where she was going but figured i was ok bc she looked very confident! also, there are two convention centers, which is why you have to go outside. you have to walk through the Hilton convention center from the casino and mozy out and over to the Las Vegas convention center next door. i definitely won’t forget the walk. i think it’s awesome there is a post dedicated to this topic!

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