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Yammer, Twitter for Companies?


According to Webware, Yammer is a new company that is being debuted at the TechCrunch 50 conference and is basically a copy of twitter but for corporations.  Instead of answering “what are you doing?” you are prompted to answer “what are you working on?.”  In order to log in you simply input your company email URL and once it’s confirmed you are then put into a group with other employees from your company.

The greatest thing about Yammer is that there is a business model (too bad we can’t say the same for our friend twitter).  Techcrunch reports that:

“It is free to use for employees, but if a company wants to claim their network and get administrative tools to remove messages and users, set password policies, or set IP ranges for who can use it.”

It is very unfortunate that twitter missed the boat on this one.  Twitter is a very well funded company but it seems that they are short of ideas and a business model.  Currently the only progress we have seen is better uptime, but aside from that nothing.  It makes you wonder where the over 20 million in funding is getting spent.  It will be interesting to see if Yammer is going to integrate a type of file sharing or project management feature that will extend past the usual “what are you working on” question that employees are asked to answer.  There is a lot of potential for an internal business communication tool but I think it needs to be a bit more robust before it becomes widely adopted.

Are you using yammer?  what do you think about it?

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