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Sneak Peak of “Make Money Online with a Blog Panel”


I recently had the opportunity to speak with with Jim Kukral who is hosting the “Make Money Online with a Blog” panel.  I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what to expect from the panel and asked him the questions featured below.

The panel is going to feature:

  • John Chow
  • Brian Clark
  • Zac Johnson
  • Darren Rowse
  • Jeremy Schoemaker
  • Jim Kukral

why did jim organize the panel?

It’s not often you can get this many top bloggers in the same state, yet alone room at a conference. Putting this panel together of bloggers of this caliber only makes sense for the one true blogging show which is the BlogworldExpo. The bottom line is, that these top bloggers have years of experience in monetizing blogs and can share their insights on how they’ve made money over the years. That’s what everyone wants to know… the inside tips and tricks on how to make money with their blog, and that’s what this panel will deliver.

what should the audience expect?

They should expect the panel to be pushed into giving away secrets. They should expect the panel to review blogs live on the stage and give real-time feedback on those blogs and how they, the panelists themselves, would monetize them. They should expect to ask specific questions to the panelists and get specific answers about making money with their blog.

why is each panelist qualified to be up there?

Well, if you read through their bios (link to bios), you can see why each is qualified. Suffice it to say for this article, that this panel is pulling together the elite group of high-traffic and money producing blogs online. Sure, there are others out there that are well-known as well, but these bloggers focus their blogs on helping bloggers learn how to make money, so it’s appropriate for them to speak on this subject above others who may have more traffic or income.

We are very excited to have Jim hosting the panel and we hope to see you there!

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