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Online T.V. Becoming More Popular


According to the Conference Board around 20% of American households who use the internet are watching online television.  To no surprise youtube.com is among the most popular sources of online television.  The fact that you can watch a show or broadcast at your convenience is definitely a very appealing factor for viewers.  For example, Grey’s Anatomy allows users to watch all of their episodes online at their convenience in case they are unable to watch the scheduled version.

There is still a lot of opportunity in the online television space and I don’t think it will be long before we see the first feature length online movie.

According to Michael Saxon, Senior Vice President, Brand and Communications, TNS:

“Fundamentally, consumers expect content to be available when they want it, and on the screen of their choice – TV, PC, or mobile. For consumers, PCs enhance content on demand from simply time-shifting to place-shifting. Online content can be viewed in any room in the house, or at work or school.”

According to the conference board the top types of shows that people like to watch online are:

  • news
  • drama
  • sitcom/comedy
  • reality shows
  • sports
  • user generated content

Newteevee has more stats on the survey if you are curious to see them.

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