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First Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft Ad


The first Microsoft ad featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld has surfaced and I’ll be honest, it was a tad bit disappointing.  According to a Cnet article a lot of folks out there are quite disappointed by Microsoft’s attempt to challenge the oh so popular mac ads.  The ad features some typical Jerry Seinfeld humor blended in with churros, showering while clothed, shoe circus, and Bill Gates shaking his ass.  Ya, I’m not kidding.

The ad can be seen here.

Now after watching that ad are you at all more compelled to go buy a PC?  Although the overall first impression of the Microsoft ad has been less than stellar, Cnet sources say that this first ad was just a teaser.  Not much of a tease…

What do you think of the ad?

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  • xtra

    What happened to Vista’s 3 C’s? Clear, concise and, ahh…ummm….. screw it. This spot is as obtuse as the new networking interface in Vista. FAIL.

  • Zak Nicola

    Great ad, and low budget too! Bet that didn’t cost them anything! Get ready for the ROI!

    >.> what a waste.

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