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Apple Wants to Rock You!


Just when the tech world went ballistic over the new Google “Chrome” browser announcement, Apple decided to make a little announcement of their own, a “special event” in San Francisco called “Let’s Rock.”  The event will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Performing Arts and is scheduled to start at 10 am.

Nobody is really sure what Apple is planning to announce but you can be sure that rumors are circulating.  Among the top candidates for possible announcements are:

  • new ipod nano
  • new ipod touch
  • price cuts to Apple products
  • new operating system
  • new notebooks
  • new version of itunes

Cnet has a great article about the event and what we can expect, or aptly, SHOULD expect.  You have to admit that the timing for Apple’s little announcement is rather ingenious considering that it was announced within 24 hours of the Google browser launch.  These two companies are definitely going at it!

I really should be more enthusiastic about the event, but alas I must admit that I am still a PC user.  Now, before you get on my case, you Apple lovers out there will be very pleased to know that I have indeed purchased an Iphone.

Who knows, maybe if Apple makes some exciting announcements next week, I too will join the millions of people out there who call themselves “Apple users.”

What sort of announcement are you expecting from Apple?  What are you hoping for or wanting to see?

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