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Google Makes Its Own Browser


The news first broke on Blogoscoped and has been spreading through the internet like wildfire.  The new Google browser is called Chrome and is slated to launch tomorrow!  What’s particularly interesting is the way Google leaked the information to Blogoscoped.  Google created a 40 page comic book about the new Chrome browser and sent a copy over to Blogoscoped (which can be found here.)

The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not Chrome will succed in taking away significant market share from internet explore and Mozilla Firefox.  Recently Mozilla has been becoming more and more popular amongst web surfers, will Chrome steal the Mozilla thunder?  Expect Google to also find a way to intigrate its many apps into the browser with a faster load and operating time.

In a nutshell these are the key takeaway points from the comic, as explained by Blogoscoped:

  • Google Chrome is Google’s open source browser project.
  • The browser will include a JavaScript Virtual Machine called V8.
  • Google Chrome will use special tabs.
  • The browser has an address bar with auto-completion features.
  • As a default homepage Chrome presents you with a kind of “speed dial” feature, similar to the one of Opera.
  • Chrome has a privacy mode; Google says you can create an “incognito” window “and nothing that occurs in that window is ever logged on your computer.”
  • Web apps can be launched in their own browser window without address bar and toolbar.
  • To fight malware and phishing attempts, Chrome is constantly downloading lists of harmful sites.

Here is the official announcement from Google regarding Chrome.

What do you think about Google launching their own browser?

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