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A guest post by Dan Zarrella on NowSourcing provides some fascinating information into how savvy social media users share and spread content around the web.  Dan is a social media scientist who says:

“The research I did on viral content sharing shows that frequent users of social web technologies like Twitter, blogs, and social news and networking sites tend to share online content with more people, more often than those that do not. This means that for marketers these users can be a powerful vector for making content go viral.”

Among one of the many interesting findings from Dan’s study is that when users want to share content on a one-to-one basis, blogs appear to be the preferred method of information distribution.  I find it interesting that blogs are so popular in one-to-one sharing relationships, I would have thought that blogs would have been more widely used for broadcast messages that are designed to reach a large group of people.

If you want more information from the report you can get it by visiting this link.  You may have to register to view the full report or you can visit the above link from Nowsourcing to get a brief snippet.  I do not have information as to how the data was obtained or what sources data was obtained from, this is something you get once you register with Dan.

did you check out the post on Nowsourcing, where you surprised by any of the results?

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  • dan zarrella

    Actually, when sharing one-to-one, blogs are the preferred source to share content from, not method, I believe that was email.

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