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Jeremiah Owyang wrote an interesting post yesterday on how you can get noticed.  In a world where everyone and every company is screaming to stand out from the rest it can be tough to get people’s attention.  Jeremiah recommends that companies and individuals follow 7 guidelines to get noticed:

  1. Have a goal
  2. Develop a unique brand
  3. Get personal
  4. Attend local events
  5. Lead events
  6. Be interesting
  7. Archive your achievements

For details on what each of the above points entails check out Jeremiah’s blog.

What I was most intrigued to see on this list was “attend local events.”  I find that a lot of people neglect the real world interactions that are necessary to get noticed.  In fact attending local (and non local) events is probably one of the biggest things you can do to get noticed.  It’s not enough to communicate while hiding behind a computer.  You need to get out there and let people know who you are.

Events like Blog World Expo are designed not only to educate individuals and corporations about social media, but they are also designed to give you the opportunity to network and meet other people.  Ask anyone who has been to one of these events and they will tell you how valuable they truly are.  Partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships arise all the time for in person interactions.  Maybe you will meet one of your favorite bloggers who will let you write a guest post on their blog.  Perhaps you will meet an exective who is interested in your ideas and wants to implement them at his/her organization.  Who knows, maybe you will meet an author who wants to quote something you have written about.  These are all ways to get noticed that result from attending events.  Don’t be scared to put your blog URL or your twitter account on your business card, that way when you hand them out, people know exactly where they can find you.

Without the real world interaction you are most likely not going to reach the level of “noticeability” that you are looking for.

how have you used events to get noticed?
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