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Technorati Snags BlogCritics


We just received word that Technoarti has acquired Blogcritics.  As many of you know Tehcnorati is considered to be the authoritative source on the pulse of new media and their recent acquisition of Blogcritics may be a sign that they they are looking to switch directions with their company. Blogcritics is an online community of bloggers that publish on topics ranging from movies to technology.  Blogcritics currently has over a million readers each month.

So why did Technorati buy Blogcritics?

According to the CEO of Technorati, Richard Jalichandra:

“Why did we do it? It just made sense – as we’ve stated more times than you probably care to hear, our mission is to help bloggers and the people who read blogs. Blogcritics shares this mission, executed in their own unique way by providing a large stage for bloggers to express themselves while giving readers a great array of high quality blog content.”

According to Michael Arrington from Techcrunch, this move signifies that Technorati is looking to move more in the direction of content publishing as opposed to blog advertising.  According to Richard, the Blogcritics blogs are not going to be shown any favoritism in the Technorati rankings.

This could be a great move for Technorati as they continue to grow and evolve.  Don’t forget, Richard will also be speaking at the Blog World Expo in Vegas this year, so don’t forget to register!

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