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Blogging or Re-blogging? You Decide


Those of you who write (or are looking to start writing) a blog are most likely using wordpress, if so, then you may be interested in Disqus.  Disqus is a wordpress plugin (also works with typepad, movable type, etc) in that replaces the “comments” section of your blog.  Essentially Disqus is comment management system that allows you to see all of your comments and provides a way to interact with them more efficiently.  I have been using Disqus for around a week and I’m a fan.

Today Disqus launched a new feature called “re-blogging,” which essentially let’s you turn comments into blog posts.  Let’s say for example you are reading a blog about online marketing and one of the commenters lays out a simple 5 step online marketing strategy similar to one you were thinking of.  You can just click “re-blog” and the comment now becomes a blog post.

Here is a video tutorial on how it works

Allen Stern of Centernetworks quickly denounced the plugin saying that there is not a lot of value add.  He also outlined who benefits from re-blogging:

  • The blog publishing the comment gets a juicy bit of content (that’s not in a script code)
  • The source blog receives a seo-rich link back to the source – this is a great way to up inbound counts
  • Disqus benefits as a seo-rich link back to Disqus travels with the Reblogged content
  • Disqus also adds a link back to the commenter’s profile on Disqus
  • The original commenter who spent time formulating the comment gets nothing

So what do you think about the new Disqus plugin, do you think it adds value?

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