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What Does 10 Million Dollars Get You?


When you write your blog posts or read other blog posts are you sitting at a PC or a Mac?   Well, depending on what your answer is you may be quite shocked with Microsoft’s most recent ad campaign.  According to an article by Gawker Microsoft is going to pay Jerry Seinfeld 10 million dollars to endorse their Vista platform.  What’s amusing about this is that in several of the Seinfeld episodes from yester-year, you can actually see a Mac (not a PC) in Jerry’s appartment.

An article by Gizmodo goes further with rumors that Microsoft is event looking at recruiting known stars such as :

  • Sarah Silverman
  • Willie Nelson
  • Travis Pastrana
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Ralph Nader
  • Rob Corddry
  • Stephen Colbert

If this doesn’t cry desperation than I don’t know what does.  Microsoft has definitely received a lot of backlash for it’s Vista platform, the question is:  Is paying a lot of money to have celebrities advertise an unliked product, going to make the product seem more appealing?  Who knows.

Personally I do all of my blogging from a P.C. and I don’t see myself switching any time in the near future.  What about you?  I think it would be hilarious of Apple countered with advertisements from Kramer or George!

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  • Shawn Collins

    I’ve got many PCs and one Mac and prefer PCs. While Vista has been consistently maligned, I really like it.

    But I could care less if some celebrity is pretending to use it, too.

  • Kim

    The idea of Kramer or George doing the Mac commercials is fantastic….especially Kramer. If Apple doesn’t jump on this, they are crazy.

    But then again, Mac has always been the leader in promoting their product, not a follower.

    This, however would be too good to miss! : D

  • Dave Cynkin

    No, you guys are way off. Lloyd Braun’s the ace computer salesman…he worked with George’s father, Frank, remember?

    Serenity Now! 😀

    Best Regards,
    Dave Cynkin
    CMO, Sleep Deprivationist & Thrillseeker
    BlogWorld & New Media Expo

  • Rick

    I agree with you on the PC shawn but Vista is the first Microsoft product I have truly hated.

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