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Ma.gnolia, Going Open Source


Most bloggers usually do their due diligence before they begin writing a post.  One of the ways to do this is to go through bookmarking sites to find things of interest.  In fact when I find things on the net that I want to read later, I bookmark them.  It’s a great way to organize information as well as dicover new information.  This morning Ma.gnolia announced that they are doing to take the open source route.  Many of you may be familiar with the larger book marking site Delicious; but Read Write Web has an excellent list of why Ma.gnolia is cool. Among some of the reasons are:

  • “OpenID support, so much support in fact that Open ID is the only way you can get a Ma.gnolia account now.”
  • “Social features. Delicious is trying to be more social than it used to be, but Ma.gnolia does a much better job of it. Sharing with groups is really easy and you can “thank” anyone for bookmarking a particular URL. That’s cool.”

The goal behind what Ma.gnolia is doing is to obviously increase the amount of people that are using their platform.  There needs to a much higher level of interaction and community amongst users and the open source model may be the way to go, but only time will tell.

According to Cnet, the new version of Ma.gnolia will be available later this year along with several new features that include:

  • A new stream view that shows you the freshest bookmarks of people you’re friends with on one single page.
  • Support for both OAuth and OpenID, with the latter making it easier for people to sign into hosted builds of Magnolia.
  • Sidebar customization
  • Theming

I’m actually very curious to see how the new open source version of Ma.gnolia is going to play out, do you think this new approach is going to increase the network effect?

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  • Jason

    Great post – I’m interested to see how the open source version will play out. Is Magnolia allowing people to download the code for their own bookmarking sites, like Pligg? Or, are they just allowing folks to modify their personal profiles?

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