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C-Span Launching New Sites Prior to Conventions


Remember C-Span?  The horribly boring channel on t.v. you would turn on to help you fall asleep at night.  As Emeril Lagasse would say they are “going to kick it up a notch,” actually quite a few notches.  C-Span is getting read to launch a few new cites in preparation for the Democratic and Republican convention.  Thanks to an article by techcrunch, we can get a sneak peak of what these sites are going to look like.  The Democrat site can be found here and the Republican site can be found here.

Furthermore the videos that will be posted on the sites are going to be flash videos, meaning that they can be shared and embeded on various other sites.  For exampl, let’s say you’re writing a blog covering the conventions, you can visit the C-Span site, grab a video, and post it straight onto your blog.  Techcrunch also reports that employees working for C-Span are going to have acces to Qik cameras so that they can live stream and record when they are not officially on the air.

Kudos to C-Span for understanding the power of social media.  I think this years conventions are going to be quite unique, we already have google setting up blogger stations and now C-Span is going launch their own sites devoted to making politics more engaging.

May after this year we are all going to spend a bit more time watching C-Span?

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