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American Airlines just announced that they are going to be offering broadband internet on some of the longer domestic flights.  Reuters reports that passengers will be able to pay $12.95 to get internet access from the following flights:

  • New York – San Francisco
  • New York – Miami
  • New York- Miami

American Airlines also said that eventually they are going to roll out their wifi access to all of their planes.  I am actually pretty excited  by this announcement.  I fly quite a bit and there have definitely been times where I wished I could just have access to wifi.  Eventually we are going to see wifi come as a common amenity on most airplanes and hopefully it will be free.

Crunchgear reports on the stats from the wifi connection and the stats actually looks quite good.  According to Crunchgear the dl speed is around 1,784 kbps which is comprable to most cable and dsl connections, not bad for internet in the skies huh?

As technology continues to evolve and as social media gets bigger I think it is going to be very important for people to know that they can “connect.”

According go the Chicago Tribune Southwest, Jetblue, United, and Virgin America, are all planning on launching their own wifi services on their fleet of planes.  Some of the wifi networks should be up and ready to go by the end of this year.

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