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Winners Of The Problogger "Free Pass To BlogWorld" Contest Announced


A couple of weeks back Super Star blogger Darren Rowse asked me if he could run a contest on Problogger to give a way a Full Conference Pass to BlogWorld to one of his readers. It took me about 2 seconds to say “YES LETS Give AWAY TWO!”.

Well The contest is now closed and we had to do the hard work of picking two winners out of the 60 some add entries.

This was a hard choice. Do we give the pass to Katja whose post really tugged at my heartstrings? but to be honest I had to wonder if it was real or just a ploy to get a free pass.

Or to Nathan Driver? His tag line “Driven In Life” is fantastic! and his post was witty.

Then there was Chris. I had to ask myself, do we want to give this guy a pass just so I can say he traveled all the way from Thailand just to buy me a beer?

Linda Bustos’ post was very clever spelling out BlogWorld in her short 9 line plea but she get’s DQ’d for spelling Darren’s name wrong.

I briefly considered Jack’s entry which was good. Then I thought to myself he writes for Gizmodo he can afford his own damn pass. On second thought maybe not; it is Gawker.

In the end Jennifer Taggart won me over with the offer of free cookies.

I don’t have a sad story about my health or finances to persuade you that I “deserve” a pass. But, I would love to win one – would bribery help? Can I send you homemade cookies from scratch? I’ve been blogging for a year, focusing on green and non-toxic solutions for the home, focused on babies and kids. I’d love to go to learn and to network. I know it will take my blogging to the next level. I’ll blog and tweet about it. I’ll also drag my husband, who absolutely refused to attend BlogHer’08 (he commented that he would rather sit on the curb outside the entire time) to Vegas without our kids! Plus, my birthday is just 2 weeks after the conference. Is that a good enough reason?

That and having attended BlogHer myself, I think her husband deserves the trip to Vegas.  Just bring the cookies along with you and we can share them at the show Jennifer 8). I promise to put a good word in with your husband about BlogHer.

Our second winner is Katja whose story is true and having gone through so much recently definitely deserves the trip!

Congratulations Jennifer and Katja!

For the runner’s up mentioned in this post. You each have a consolation prize of 50% off on a full conference pass. Honestly I hope you all decide to come. We will have a blast.

Oh and Ron Meyer you get a 50% off pass as well. A guy who starts blogging at 57 about dirt track racing just has to be at BlogWorld so I hope that is enough to motivate you to join us.

Thank you again to Darren Rowse for organizing and hosting the contest and to everyone who participated.


Blog on!


  • Katja

    Thank you so much! (And I would never make up a story like that, unfortunately it was all true).

  • JJ

    Great prizes, but I have to say its disappointing to read your reasoning on who you selected as winners and runners up. A cookie? A beer? That’s lame.

  • Jack

    Awww! I only write for Gizmodo on Sundays!

    Thanks anyway 🙂


  • Rick

    Katja you are very welcome. JJ, there was more behind it than that. The posts were creative, that is why they won.

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