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Microsoft Launches Blog for Windows 7


Just recently, Microsoft launched a new blog devoted to Windows 7.  Per the new blog:

“We strongly believe that success for Windows 7 includes an open and honest, and two-way, discussion about how we balance all of these interests and deliver software on the scale of Windows. We promise and will deliver such a dialog with this blog.”

The blog just went up a few days ago and already has hundreds of comments.  A lot of folks have backlashed against the new Windows platform for not being able to work well with other software packages.  Hopefully the two way discussion in the Windows 7 blog will make sure that the new release will be well accepted.  The fact that Microsoft is using a blog for it’s new operating system is a great testimonial to the fact the blogs can be used for many things apart from just posting news or thoughts, a blog can also be used for:

  • product development
  • focus groups
  • relationship building
  • product marketing
  • feedback

I hope that the new Windows 7 blogs does indeed serve to open the line of communication between developers and users.  So far it seems to be working as hundreds of readers have poured in to discuss Windows, not just with Microsoft, but with each other.

Let the conversations begin…

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