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Are Fortune 500 Companies Adopting Social Media?


This study was conducted by The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research and is a follow up to a similar study they conducted in 2007.  209 companies participated and were asked how familiar they were with blogging, podcasting, online video, wikis, and social networking.

According to the results of the new study, social networking was the most familiar among the companies that participated in the study.

Blogging also received an enormous jump as more and more fortune 500 companies are understanding the value of a blog.  This is definitely great to see!  According to the study 77% of the companies that participated in the study reported using some sort of social media.

The graph below shows that blogging is definitely becoming a staple in the social media strategy for the fortune 500 and the growth should only continue from here.

In 2007 when the companies were asked how important they viewed social media, 26% of the companies said that social media was “very important.”  In 2008 that figure rose by 18%, 44% of the companies now say that social media is “very important.”

The results of this study show that social media is continuing to grow among the fortune 500 companies.  This means that events like Blog World Expo are going to continue to be a haven for for companies and individuals looking to learn about blogging, social media, and the value of the conversation. If you want more information check out the full study.

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