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Larry Chiang To Host Secret Society of Entrepreneur's Panel At BlogWorld


What’s it about?

That’s a surprise. But if you show up Sunday September 20th you won’t be disappointed in what the Master of Man-Charm and author of “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School” has up his sleeves.

Larry’s panel at the recent Always On conference was a smash hit. Hip Hop artists MC Hammer, Chamillionaire, MistahFAB and moderator Quincy Jones schooled their Silicon Valley audience.

If you are an entrepreneur, or think you might have the stuff, If you want to learn about building the brand of YOU then you can’t miss this special session at BlogWorld.

Stay tuned for more details.


  • Larry Chiang

    Am excited for this secret society meet-up in Vegas that is right around the corner…

    In the spirit of cutting edge open formats, two-way communication, and blogging’s inter-activity, this panel will have BlogWorld conventioners right-in-the-mix. Yes, you as a participant might get a shot at getting onto this panel!

    Goals, Description, Structure and some Details:

    The focus of the panel is to at least get…
    -Ten confessions of entrpreneurs,
    – Nine secrets that cost SOMEONE $$$ to learn,
    – Eight methods for us to cut-and-paste in our lives as an employee who’s also a part-time business owner or an entrepreneur + part-time blogger.

    Session will be 40% group activity, 40% Q&A, 40% case study and 20% lecture. If you don’t think we can fit it all in, you’re right — and if you do think we can fit it all in, you’re right too! We want more of the latter (obviously 🙂

    Message me your thoughts and recommend an impromptu panelist: asse9@duck9.com or direct to my cell at chiang9@duck9.com

    I reserve the right to swap in and out impromptu panelists and will have a person monitoring http://twitter.com/larryChiang for feedback. Expect a full energy panel packed with mayhem and fun. It’ll be a spontaneous session that mirrors the craziness of starting a start-up.

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